‘Popsical’ Pianist Chloe Flower Isn’t Scared of Standing Out

Chloe Flower isn’t afraid to be the outlier. If anything, she embraces it. At just two years old she began her journey as a pianist, falling quickly into classical music — but she wanted more. 

Black Women’s Mental Health Is Often Invalidated — & That Problem Starts At Home

“I don’t know why my parents say, ‘Oh that’s not you,’” Wromas says. “What version are you talking about? Because I’ve never seen it. This is the only version; this is as good as it’s going to get.”

Broadway’s Return is Scary Yet Exciting For Young Actors

“The art I create and the art that I absorb feels like the air I breathe and it felt like someone was slowly – if not abruptly – cutting off my oxygen supply.”

Plus-Size Creators Are Fed Up With TikTok’s Community Guidlines

Plus-size models and creators are calling out TikTok for its selective video banning. The popular app has faced scrutiny in prior months due to creators calling out its censoring of Black, LGBTQ+ and plus-size people.

How Are Some Of The Nation’s Largest HBCUs Handling COVID-19?

Students have had to adapt and find ways to preserve their college experience as administrations at HBCUs navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Olivia Rodrigo Song “Drivers License” Sparks Fan-Made TikTok POV Covers

In case you were wondering what the literal drivers license might have to say.

What Turnout in the Georgia Senate Runoffs Means for Organizers

“There’s no candidate that’s going to save us; we have to save ourselves.”

Frenchtown, Food Deserts and Farmers

If you’re on the northside of Tallahassee, Fla. then you’re bound to see the New Orleans-esque painting on a fading wall reading “Frenchtown.” The primarily Black neighborhood’s history is felt upon crossing over Tennessee street.

COVID-19: Another Addition to the FAMU, FSU Discourse

Saturday evening Doak Campbell stadium lit up as the Florida State University (FSU) Seminoles played their first game of the season against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. According to the Noles, 17,538 fans were in attendance for the 16-13 loss. 

Noncitizens Can’t Vote, so They’re Urging People to Vote for Them

DACA recipients, green card holders, and undocumented young people are hoping others vote with them in mind.

HBCU Students: Kamala Harris as Vice President Is Inspiring, Complicated

“Something that you often hear from white peers is that they believe HBCUs won’t prepare you for the real world,” said Cooley. “Clearly, that’s false. We’ve always known it’s been false.”

In 20 years I’m going to run your newsroom. Here’s how to help me get there.

What have you done besides post on Twitter to support your Black colleagues, especially us younger ones?

Recent College Graduates Are Moving Back Home Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

“It was tough,” Danzey said. “You feel like you’ve gotten to a point where you’ve accomplished a certain goal and to literally — within the span of 24 hours — have everything reversed on you is really hard.”

These 15 High School Seniors Are Still Celebrating Prom

“This isn’t the ideal prom every girl has in mind, but it was the best one I could have ever hoped for because everyone I loved was able to experience it with me,” said Aniya Spangler, senior at William Howard Taft High School in San Antonio, Texas.

‘Plandemic’ recirculates after platforms say they took it down

The COVID-19 conspiracy theory documentary finds a home on lesser-known video hosting sites.

Coaches’ Kids: Life Behind the Saturday Night Lights

Screaming fans, bright lights and touchdowns encompass the college football experience. But when the stadium clears, super fans trek back home and post-game interviews end, a group of people are still waiting behind. 

How Plus-Size College Students in Tallahassee Shop 

From thrift stores to online shopping, here’s how FAMU students shop, when the options for stylish plus-size clothing are scarce.

The Weight of the Crown

For Kyra Freeman and Crenel Francis their lineage on Florida A&M University’s campus is forever engraved. Serving as the 113th Miss FAMU and 20th Mister FAMU, respectively, means joining a newfound history of women and men who came before them. 

Major Flooding in Onyx Apartments

Blaring alarms woke the residents of Onyx apartments late last night. What many assumed to be the occasional false alarm during a stormy night soon was revealed to be incoming water damage caused by a burst pipe. 

FAMU’s Campaign Season: Fitting The Image

“It’s just a part of FAMU’s culture and it’s so ingrained in us,” said Hollywood. “We have so much pride in our school. We take pride in having beautiful women on the court and handsome men. It just looks good for our school — it’s a great recruitment tool.”

Tallahassee Takes Gillum’s Loss as Motivation

After a hopeful few days on Florida A&M University’s campus, FAMU alumnus Andrew Gillum’s campaign ended in a downpour of emotions for Tallahassee supporters.

Apartment Complex Denies Rent Deferment to FAMU Student

Tallahassee apartment complex, Stadium Centre, blamed its ‘partnership’ with Florida State University as the reason a Florida A&M University residents couldn’t utilize their rent leniency.

How To Deal With a Tiny Dorm If You’re a Self-Proclaimed Maximalist

However, living in a dorm as a self-proclaimed maximalist can be done. All you need are a few handy hacks, some genius organizational tips, and hopefully a roommate who’s pretty forgiving. 

8 Student-Athlete Approved Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

To find out how they do it, we turned to them for expert tips on how to motivate yourself to work out—and clearly, they know what they’re talking about. 

6 Gorgeous Lip Colors For Dark Skin Tones

Below, I rounded up the most flawless lip colors I could find from College Fashionista community members, and the shades you need to recreate these stunning looks for yourself.

Outfits With Overalls You’ll Love If You’re Still Not Over the 90’s

In fact, we’re celebrating their long-lived success with a roundup of the best ways our community has styled them, because in our minds, the ‘90s should never die and neither should the incredible outfits it brought to us.

Worth of Words: “Talking White” As a Black Person

It’s been often said that words have power; they are the vessels of how we perceive and construct reality and our everyday lives. Yet, this power becomes nuanced when looking at just how those words come across—how they’re spoken, why they’re written, when and where they’re read.

It’s Hairy: A Journey of Self-Love and New Growth

Hair is one of those things that’s always, well, there, whether we like it or not. It grows, it shifts in color and texture, it pops up in places we don’t really mind for. But more importantly, it tells a story about who we are, whether previous childhood memories about it pave a complicated journey or current feelings towards our follicles say a lot more than just a hair style.

French Baseball Player Making Her Mark On Lady Sharks Softball Team

Shortstop Melissa Mayeux’s first season playing softball has been an interesting endeavour.
This past year, Mayeux made her journey from Le Barcares, France to Miami Dade College to start her softball career. Until this past season she had only played baseball.

Successful Season Nets Scholarship Offers For Sophomore Lady Sharks

All six sophomores who won back-to-back national championships with the Lady Sharks volleyball team were awarded scholarship offers to continue their careers at four-year schools.

The Crazy Toston Brings A New Twist To A Miami Favorite

Being a South Florida native, plantains are a vital addition to almost every meal. Whether they’re fried, boiled or double-fried.

Lady Sharks’ Season Ends In Ocala

The Miami Dade College women’s basketball team had an impressive season this year, but fell short in the State Tournament.

Fractured Left Thumb Sidelines Sophomore Catcher

Catcher Jordan Santos is out indefinitely after he fractured his left thumb and partially tore a ligament during a game.

Former Weightlifter Provides Power Arm For Lady Sharks

Tiffany Dodson, a former weightlifter in high school, has a tight grip on a rotation spot on the Miami Dade.

Athletic Infielder Attempting To Steer Lady Sharks Toward Winning Season

For infielder Eliza Artiles, athleticism has always been a key component of her game.

There Isn’t One Way To Be Black

I was sitting in my English class talking about a fight that broke out during lunch when a classmate told me, “You talk like such a white girl. I’m so glad you don’t act like a regular black person.”

Pitcher Not Letting Shoulder Injury Put A Damper On Sophomore Season

Pitcher Emma Maitland’s freshman season was a disappointing one.

Freshman Guard Providing Scoring Punch For Lady Sharks

Ganette Chism has been a scoring machine for the Lady Sharks this season.

Freshman Overcomes ACL Tear To Support Lady Sharks In Rebounding

Deidra Harris has been a rebounding machine for the Miami Dade College Lady Sharks basketball team this season.

Forward Savannah Clark Is A ‘Quiet Beast’ On The Court

Savannah Clark has been a quiet storm this season for the Lady Sharks.

Center From Senegal Poised To Help Lady Sharks

The Miami Dade College women’s basketball team has added a 6-foot-4-inch center from Senegal in West Africa.

Wynwood Goes Nuts For Doughnuts

In the soul of Miami— often referred to as Wynwood— an artisanal donut shop has created a name for themselves.

Freshman Forward Whitsitt Flexing Muscle On Court

Cheah Rael-Whitsitt has been a scoring and rebounding machine for the Miami Dade College Lady Sharks basketball team this season.

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